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Custom nameset order for marcus

Custom nameset order for marcus

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1: Thiago 6 away 21/22 CL nameset + Side by Side logo + CL sleeve patch for Liverpool(number 6 on)

2:  Ronaldo 7 Portugal home 20/22.

3: Ødegaard 8 away 21/22

 4: Xhaka 34 away 22/23 + EPL patch and No roomfor racism.

5: BVB home 17/18 Aubameyang 17 with Dortmund patch.

6: Two epl sleeve badge from 19/20 season.

7: epl white nameset 17-22 SON 7 curved.

First class post

Application instructions:

Set your get press to 100/110 degrees

press your shirt for 10 seconds when hot to release the moisture in your shirt.

place your nameset in the position you require an place a teflon sheet over the nameset and press down for 10 seconds.

after 10 seconds remove the shirt from the press and leave to cool down. Once the film over the nameset is cool peel away the film.

if the nameset lifts place the teflon sheet back over and press fr 5 seconds more.

each press/ nameset are different and I recommend a test set first

Please follow these instructions.


i am not liable for any damage caused to your own property that you are pressing the name sets too. If you press for too long or have high heat there are risks that the colour behind the namesets to show through. Again I am not liable for this.

if you peel the numbers off to get signed by players you do so at your own risk as none of the namesets or numbers were ever made to be peeled. This is your own decision.

no refunds on any orders.

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